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Private Commissions


The Details

Private commissions for non commercial or business purpose clients. Private use only. For commercial and business purposes, contact me via my business email.I open them every so often. I will inform about the date when I am going to open my slots.I price my commissions with base price, and then depending on the complexity of the illustration. For example, if the character design contains alot of details and equipment, the work on the piece will take longer than a character with plain clothing.I accept payment only through Paypal. I will send the client an invoice.I only work through Monday to Fridays. I work on private commission between my NDA work, so I have not set a time limit for them. However I try to finish them fast as my schedule allows me to.If you request for a deadline, it may add an additional rush fee. Otherwise I work on the private commission between my work and whatever life brings along.Contact via email or twitter direct messages.

Base prices

Base prices without including in the detail pricing + equipment + background.
I tend to do simpleish background for painted illustrations for free.

💛 Sketch commissions

  • Bust: 60 USD

  • Waist up: 70 USD

  • Fullbody: 90 USD

(30 USD plus for colors on top)

💛 Illustration:

  • Bust: 300 USD

  • Waist up: 420 USD

  • Fullbody: 500 USD

(All illustrations are colored pieces. Complex backgrounds its own pricing. Open for discussion)

For Illustration work, I will show the client a sketch of the commission. If the client approves the sketch, I will continue to finish it. Beyond this point any major changes may cost a fee depending on how big of a change it is mid project. Minor changes do not cost anything.

When commissioning me, either through email or DM, send following:
Username :
Commission type: (Sketch, Illustration, design, etc)
Email for invoice:
Describe the commission:
Pictures, moodboard, references, links, etc:
Any extra equipment, pets, ideas, etc.

💛 Design commission

  • Design-full body: 370

If a client wish to commission a character design for me, the client pay the base price for the full body design upfront.I will design concepts and designs with the client working together. Once settled with the design, I will send an invoice for the second half of the design pricing. The pricing depends on the complexity and what is included in the design.I offer full painted/illustrated design commissions, base colors, and sketch alternative versions. Below this text; see examples. Up to down, illustration, base colors and sketch.

Main commissions, and sketch commissions I work between NDA work.

Current Commission List:

  • @ Mathias / Em /PAID / DONE

  • @ Tyria / disc/ - / working on

  • @ Emi / disc / PAID / DONE

  • @ Stephanie / EM,Disc / PAID / DONE

Current Sketch/Concept Commissions:

  • @ Kaz / Em / PAID / DONE

  • @ Stephanie / EM,Disc / PAID / x3 3/3 DONE

  • @Myrmidia / Em / PAID / DONE

  • @ Lythi / Em / PAID / DONE

Waiting for reply:

  • @VioletDreamer / Tw,Em / N/P / ➖

  • @ darkbringerr / Tw / N/P / ➖ x6

Reach Out either through email or twitter Direct Message.

Terms of Service

When commissioning me, you agree to my terms of service.